Digital Marketing Course in Gwalior

by Aman Shrivastava | Rahul Mahaur 90Days

learn digital marketing

Course Information

  • Course Price ₹15,000.00
  • Place Jayendraganj, Bahodapur, Banmore
  • Total Students 800+
  • Course Duration 90 Days
  • New Batch Nov 01, 2021


Need of Digital Marketing In this Digital world. Today we live in a world where everyone is using digital technologies the World is now converted to the modern digital world. The number of use of Smartphones, laptops digital equipment will increase day by day.

So the Use of Digital marketing methods will also increase as per the current scenario. Prateek Mobile Digital marketing Institute has the top most institute in Gwalior that offers the best Digital marketing course in Gwalior.

Everyone is now using Digital marketing techniques and strategies. Small business owners and individual people both naturally want to make money and grow their businesses. If you start a new business and want to promote your brand to your desired audience.

Digital marketing is the only platform where you can easily generate your target customer in an easy way.

Digital marketing is the only platform where you can easily generate your target customer in an easy way. Our Prateek mobile Digital marketing Institute will help you to learn the modern methods of digital marketing Prateek Mobile institute delivers the best Digital marketing course in Gwalior where students will easily get their dream job in the part of this digital world.

Prateek Mobile Digital Marketing Institute in Gwalior

In our Prateek Mobile Digital Marketing Institute, we first focus on the career of our students we guide our students to build their corporate career in the world of digital marketing. Each and every kind of person is willing to move forward in their life. Our digital marketing institute's vision is to deliver success to our students we stand on our word. with the help of a digital marketing course you will easily learn the basic concept of Digital marketing.

In our course, we taught you the easy and simple techniques of Search engine optimization (SEO), E-mail marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), social media strategy, how to become an expert freelancer how to earn income from your own source. Prateek Mobile digital marketing institute delivers the best digital marketing course in Gwalior

Our Syllabus of Digital marketing Ccourse:

  • 1. Basic concepts of Digital Marketing:
    1. a. what is Digital Marketing
    2. b. Importance of Digital Marketing
    3. c. Need of Digital Marketing in this modern Digital World
    4. d. Difference between Tradition Marketing & Digital marketing.
    5. e. Tools Required in Digital marketing
  • 2. Understand the meaning of Domain & hosting:
    1. a. What is domain.
    2. b. Meaning of Hosting
    3. c. Server
    4. d. how to connect to your Own server
    5. e. Create Link between Domain and Hosting
    6. f. what is SSl?
  • 3. How to Make planning and structure of the website
    1. a. Difference between website & blog
    2. b. setup of wordpress
    3. c. Basic knowledge of wordpress,plugins,themes
  • 4. Keywords
    1. a. Importance of keywords in SEO
    2. b. Types of Keywords
    3. c. How to Optimize keywords in the content
    4. d. keywords Resaerch
  • 5. Search engine Optimization (SEO);
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