Laptop Repairing Course in Gwalior

by Hasan Alam Khan 90Days

Laptop Repairing Course

Course Information

  • Course Price ₹12,000.00
  • Place Jayendraganj, Bahodapur, Banmore
  • Total Students 800+
  • Course Duration 90 Days
  • New Batch Nov 01, 2021


Prateek Mobile Institute the best destination to make a successful career in computer repair.

Based in Gwalior, it trains students who wish to make a mark in computer repairs and also have a high ambition to make it big in this field.

The training is not only provided with branded models, but also given on conventional assembled desktop computers.

All the topics are thoroughly covered and trainees are taught to maintain and service all types of personal computers. Students with no technical background who join in are made well versed by starting from the basics and gradually proceeding to advanced chip level training.

A concise and in-depth knowledge of almost all topics related to PC repairs is provided. On the completion of the course, the students are practically fit to start working as a technician in a service center or they are made confident enough to start their own business. They can also provide on-site repair services by attending to calls and repair computers of customers at their homes and offices

Batch Name Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Batch 1 09:30 1 hr Active
2. Batch 2 11:00 1hr Active
3. Batch 3 12:00 1hr Active
4. Batch 4 14:00 1 hr Active
5. Batch 5 15:30 1hr Active
6. Batch 6 17:00 1hr -