Mobile Repairing Course in Gwalior

by Vijay Chaurasiya | Pradeep Pachori | Ravi Nayak 90Days

Mobile Repairing Course

Course Information

  • Course Price ₹15,000.00
  • Place Jayendraganj, Bahodapur, Banmore
  • Total Students 800+
  • Course Duration 90 Days
  • New Batch Nov 01, 2021


Prateek Mobile offers you the best Mobile Repairing Course in Gwalior. In our mobile repairing course, we give you expert training in mobile repairing for start your own business.

Prateek Mobile Institute has highly experienced mobile repairing engineers who have almost 25 years of experience in that mobile repairing field.

In our mobile repairing course we have all kinds of Mobile repairing machines like, short killer, DC Machine, SMD Machine, UFS Box, Z3X Box, volcano Box, etc. We also provide a tools in our mobile repairing course.

Tools in Mobile Repairing Course:

  • 1. Paper wire.
  • 2. Multi Meter.
  • 3. Soldering Stand.
  • 4. Paper cutter.
  • 5. Blade sharpener.
  • 6. Toolkit 8600.
  • 7. Lead solder.
  • 8. De-soldering wire,paste etc.

Prateek Mobile Institute is a premier an ISO-certified Laptop and Mobile Repairing Institute in Gwalior. Nowadays every single person is not able to live without their smartphones any longer and Smartphones have become one of the most important things in a person’s life.

As We say that mobile phones are increasing day by day so the requirement of mobile Repairing will also increase. We offer you the best mobile Repairing course in Gwalior.

Benefits of Mobile Repairing Course:

  • 1. No education Required Those who are not highly educated and not able to spend a large amount on college and universities fees, our Prateek mobile institute Mobile repairing course will help those people to find their jobs in mobile Repairing.
  • 2. Smartphones Repairing is very easy to Learn. In our Mobile repairing Course we Mostly focus on the training Part we give you the different methods and techniques of Mobile Repairing when its comes to practical part mobile repairing is very easy to learn.
  • 3. The course time is short: Our Mobile Repairing Course is just cover in 90 days.In which you learn how to replace the folders (LCD, Display) of smartphones, you will easily fix any kind of shorting in mobile Phones.Prateek Mobile Best Mobile Repairing Course in Gwalior.
Batch Name Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Batch 1 09:30 1 hr Active
2. Batch 2 11:00 1hr Active
3. Batch 3 12:00 1hr Active
4. Batch 4 14:00 1 hr Active
5. Batch 5 15:30 1hr Active
6. Batch 6 17:00 1hr -